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Commando Room 1

This is the commando room, at the moemnt it is full of piles of boxes and not many guns. 

The kids like the guns the Gemans don't though. 

They usally avoid room 1 as its not politically correct to use the propaganda film what we have got.

Christmas And New Year Opening Times

Our hard-working staff and volunteers need and deserve some time off!  But we know that you might want to visit our Museum too so here is the plan for the rest of December and into January:

Monday 23rd  - open 10am till 4pm

Tuesday 24th - open  10am till 3pm

Christmas Day, 25th - closed

Thursday 26th -  open 10am till 4pm

Friday 27th - open 10am till 4pm

Saturday 28th - open 10am till 4pm

Sunday 29th - closed

Monday 30th - open 10am till 4pm

Tuesday 31st - open 10am till 3pm

New Year's Day - closed

Thursday 2nd January - open 10am till 4pm

Friday 3rd January - open 10am till 4pm

Saturday 4th January - open 10am till 4pm

Sunday 5th January - closed

Monday 6th January  - back to normal winter hours of 10am till 4pm

Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath r Dhuibh!

A Merry Christmas and a Good New Year to You!

New Hidden Portrait Jacobite Snuff Box

We are very pleased to advise that this new acquisition for our world renowned Jacobite Collection has recently been purchased at auction.

Hidden portrait snuff boxes are among the most iconic Jacobite works of art.  A Jacobite host could give his friends a pinch of snuff, and depending on the company, could reveal the hidden portrait.

Decorated with enamel, the hinged cover opens to a plain interior.

The hidden double lid opens to reveal an enamelled portrait of Prince Charles Edward Stuart.  The portrait is a variant of the famous Sir Robert Strange example and dates this piece to circa 1750.

We were able to acquire this with the support of the National Fund for Acquisitions, the Art Fund and a private donor.

Image: P1033404Image: P1033406Image: P1033419