The Syd Shadbolt Collection

Syd Shadbolt - Commando 5

In 2020 the family of the late Syd Shadbolt approached the curator of the West Highland Museum, regarding a collection of WWII items that Mr Shadbolt had kept. The collection of over 20 items were loving stored by Mr Shadbolt from his time in the British Army during his serves through WWII.  The West Highland Museum was chosen to host this collection because of its close proximity to Achnacarry Castle, which is the seat of the Commandos. The museum already boasts an impressive collection from this elite force. The family did not want his collection left in an attic but hoped it would be seen and enjoyed by visitors to the museum instead.

Mr Shadbolt had joined the Royal Fusiliers, The parachute regiment and then Commando 5. His collection spans his time in the army, and shows the hardships, and trials of war.  The exhibition was planned to be on display in November 2021 in time for Remembrance Day.  However, Covid19 restrictions meant that this was not possible and has is now being rescheduled for 2022. (Watch the museums website for updates).

Mr Shadbolt’s collection not only tells a fascinating story of military service, but also a personal one. His family and friends plan to attend the opening of this exhibition, which will showcase some of Mr Shadbolt’s collection, alongside items from the Museums Commando collection.

Shirley Wilson




1) Part of the Syd Shadbolt Collection

2) A toy belonging to Syd's young brother which he took to war with him

3) Syd's FS Commando Fighting Knife