T: 01397 702169
E: info@westhighlandmuseum.org.uk

Our Staff


Colleen Barker has been the Museum’s full-time Manager since February 2012.  Please direct any queries to colleen@westhighlandmuseum.org.uk



Vanessa Martin is our Curator to whom any curatorial queries should be directed at vanessa@westhighlandmuseum.org.uk .


Co-ordinator of Volunteers

Sonja McLachlan is Co-ordinator of Volunteers.  Please feel free to contact her to discuss volunteering opportunities within the museum on 01397 702169 or by email at sonja@westhighlandmuseum.org.uk


Our Volunteers

Last but certainly not least is our formidable army of more than 40 volunteers. We simply could not survive without them and their year-round contribution is much appreciated!